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The Town Manager's Office is responsible for handling the day-to-day administrative affairs of the Town and for implementing the policies set forth by the Board of Selectmen. The Town Manager is appointed by the Board of Selectmen and is responsible for the administration and supervision of all town departments and appointed personnel under its control. The Town Manager is also charged with annually preparing the Town operating budget and capital improvement budget for all non-School Departments and accounts. Additionally, the Town Manager serves as the chief procurement officer responsible for the purchase of all supplies, materials, equipment and services for the Town.

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    HENRY T. WING SCHOOL - Future Site Recommendation

    Detailed Information about the potential future use of the Henry T. Wing School including the Proposal Review Team recommendation is available on the Planning & Development Department web page - Please scroll to the end of the page to access documents. Read on...
  2. Bridge on Water

    Boardwalk Restoration Project - Community Forum 11/18 6PM

    Boardwalk Restoration Project and Community Resiliency - A Community Forum is scheduled for 6pm on on Monday, November 18, 2019 at Town Hall to discuss the Boardwalk Project and Coastal Resiliency. Read on...
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    Vandalism at Sandwich High School Parking Lot

    The School District had an issue of vandalism in the high school parking lot Friday evening. We have delayed issuing this press release because we wanted to have more Read on...