Town of Sandwich Talent Bank

Serve Your Community

Town Government needs citizens who are willing to give time in the service of their community. The Talent Bank was adopted by the Board of Selectmen as a means of compiling names of citizens who are willing to voluntarily serve on boards, committees, and as resource people. Names in this file are available for use by the public as well as the Selectmen and all Town offices.

Talent Bank files are being updated to include categories consistent with the changing needs of the Town of Sandwich.

If you are interested in serving your community, please complete and submit the online form.

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Board of Health* Finance Committee** Recreation Committee
Capital Planning Comm.** Golf Advisory Comm. Sandwich Cultural Council
Conservation Comm. Historic District Comm.* Sandwich Housing Authority*
Council on Aging Library Trustees* Sandwich Historical Commission
Disabilities Commission  Community Preservation Committee Zoning Board of Appeals
Energy Committee Personnel Board  Bikeway & Pedestrian Committee
Emergency Management  Planning Board*     



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* = Elected
** = Appointed by Moderator