Town of Sandwich Employee and Department Phone List

AccountantMimi Spahr, Finance Director
Phone: 508-888-0352Fax: 508-888-8655E-Mail:
Animal ControlJohn Pimental, Animal Control Officer
Phone: 508-833-8004Fax: 508-888-4163E-Mail:
AssessingEdward L. Childs, Director
Phone: 508-888-0157Fax: 508-888-2497E-Mail:
Board of SelectmenSusan James, Chairman
Phone: 508-888-4910Fax: 508-833-8045E-Mail:
Building DepartmentPaul Spiro, Inspector of Buildings
Phone: 508-888-4200Fax: 508-833-0018E-Mail:
Council on AgingJoanne Geake, MPH, BSN, RN, Acting Director
Phone: 508-888-4737Fax: 508-833-9154E-Mail:
EngineeringPaul S. Tilton, P.E., Town Engineer
Phone: 508-833-8000Fax: 508-833-8005E-Mail:
Fire William Carrico, Chief
Phone: 508-888-0525Fax: 508-833-8010E-Mail:
Health DepartmentDavid B. Mason, Director
Phone: 508-888-4200Fax: 508-833-0018E-Mail:
Human ResourcesMarie L. Buckner, Director
Phone: 508-833-8061Fax: 508-833-8045E-Mail:
Information TechnologyMike Twomey, Director
Phone: 508-833-8069Fax: 508-888-2497E-Mail:
MarinaJohn Kondratowicz "KZ", Harbor Master
Phone: 508-833-0808Fax: 508-833-8026E-Mail:
Natural ResourcesDavid J. Deconto, Director
Phone: 508-833-8054Fax: 508-833-0018E-Mail:
Planning & DevelopmentRalph Vitacco, Town Planner
Phone: 508-833-8001Fax: 508-833-8006E-Mail:
PolicePeter N. Wack, Chief of Police
Phone: 508-888-3343Fax: 508-888-4163E-Mail:
Public Health NurseJoanne Geake, R.N., M.P.H.
Phone: 508-833-8020Fax: 508-833-8398E-Mail:
Public LibraryJoanne Lamothe, Director
Phone: 508-888-0625 ext 304Fax: 508-833-1076E-Mail:
Public WorksPaul Tilton, P.E., DPW Director/Town Engineer
Phone: 508-833-8002Fax: 508-833-8011E-Mail:
RecreationGuy Boucher, Director
Phone: 508-888-4361Fax: 508-888-5884E-Mail:
Sandwich Hollows Golf ClubJohn Johnson, Director
Phone: 508-888-3384Fax: 508-833-1689E-Mail:
School DepartmentDr. Pamela Gould, Superintendent
Phone: 508-888-1054Fax: 508-833-8023E-Mail:
Tax CollectorWilliam Jennings, Treasurer/Collector
Phone: 508-833-8012Fax: 508-888-2497E-Mail:
Town ClerkTaylor White, Town Clerk
Phone: 508-888-0340Fax: 508-888-2497E-Mail:
Town ManagerGeorge H. Dunham, Town Manager
Phone: 508-888-5144Fax: 508-833-8045E-Mail:
Treasurer's OfficeWilliam Jennings, Treasurer/Collector
Phone: 508-888-6508Fax: 508-888-8655 E-Mail: