Real Estate Tax Bill Explained

The Town of Sandwich per Massachusetts State Law runs on a Fiscal Year of July 1 - June 30

Taxes are due quarterly with due dates of August 1, November 1, February 1 and May 1.

The Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 taxes due August 1 and November 1 respectively are preliminary taxes and are based on the previous years tax bill. 50% of the prior years taxes are billed in these two quarters. For example if your prior years total tax bill was $5,000, you would be billed $1,250 on August 1 and $1,250 on November 1.

The Tax Rate is set in December and the change is reflected on the Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 tax bills due February 1 and May 1 respectively.

For example if the taxes went up $500 for the year, and your tax bill now for the year was $5,500. (using the example above) You would be billed $1,500 on February 1 and then $1,500 on May 1.

These amounts are calculated using the $5500 total for the year less the $2,500 total paid in the first two quarters and dividing the remaining taxes into the last 2 quarters.

If projecting ahead to the following fiscal year, your August 1 and November 1 taxes would be $1,375 for each quarter.

Certain situations including but not limited to exemptions, water liens, betterments will affect some taxpayers and their tax billed amounts will be slightly different than described above.

Tax Bill Chart

FY19Total Bill$5,000.00 

FY20Q1 - 08/01/19$1,250.00 Preliminary

Q2 - 11/01/19$1,250.00 Preliminary

Q3 - 02/01/20$1,500.00 Actual

Q4 - 05/01/20$1,500.00 Actual

TOTAL TAXES$5,500.00 

FY21Q1 08/01/20$1,375.00 Preliminary

Q2 11/01/20$1,375.00