Excise Taxes


Billing Frequency

Annual excise tax bills are mailed by the Collector’s Office in late February. For vehicles purchased and registered during the year, prorated excise tax bills come out 1-2 months after the purchase after the Registry of Motor Vehicles notifies the Town of Sandwich.

Address Changes

The Town of Sandwich cannot change these addresses. You need to notify the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) and your insurance company of any address change immediately. (For the RMV, changes can be made on-line at http://www.massdot.state.ma.us) If you do not receive an excise bill, please contact the Collector’s Office @ 508-833-8012. 

Assessed Value of the Vehicle

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles assigns vehicle valuations. 


Applications for abatement of excise taxes are handled by the Town of Sandwich Assessor’s Office @ 508-888-0157. 

Deputy Collector

Like many towns, the Town of Sandwich contracts with a private company to assist with debt collection on overdue automobile and boat excise taxes. Overdue excise bills are referred to the Deputy Collector. Bills sent by the Deputy Collector can be paid either at the Sandwich Collector’s Office (cash or certified/bank check only) or by phone (credit card) with the Deputy Collector (781-545-5125).


Billing Frequency

Boat excise taxes are assessed on a fiscal year basis (July-June) and bills go out in July each year. For example, the FY 2017 bill is mailed out in July 2016. 

Determining whether a boat excise tax is owed to Sandwich or to another town

Where the boat is moored or garaged is the determining factor on which town assesses the tax.