The Boardwalk is open to the public.  

However,  you can not gain access to Town Neck Beach via the Boardwalk parking lot - 

 Beach use Guidelines - sUMMER 2023

PLEASE NOTE: All freshwater/POND BEACHES are RESIDENTS ONLY for 2023 season- resident sticker required starting June 23rd

EXCEPT Peter's Pond at Oak Crest Cove

Please Note: All Bathrooms and Lot Attendants are closed . 

Beach StickersSandwich Town Seal Extra Small

There are five saltwater and three freshwater beaches in Sandwich. Beach stickers can be purchased annually at:
Tax Collector’s Office
Town Hall
100 Route 6A
Sandwich, MA 02563

Please take advantage of either the Cape Cod Beach Sticker website below or the mail in options.  We will do our best to accommodate your requests electronically.  We hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer!  When you do visit us please be prepared for the social distancing and safety precautions and anticipate the possibility of longer than usual wait times.

If you do not have access to the online method below you can complete this form and mail in as directed and a sticker can be mailed to you.

2023 Beach Sticker Application

Stickers can also be purchased online by clicking the Online link

2023 Beach info flyer- updated 4-10_Page_1

Questions About a Town Beach?

Contact the Town's Recreation Director at (508) 888-4361 or via email to

2023 Fees - Town of Sandwich Resident

  • First Vehicle: $35 each (all Sandwich beaches plus Sandy Neck)
  • Second Vehicle: $20 each (must be registered at same address as first vehicle)
  • Third Vehicle: $35 each (must be registered at same address as first vehicle)

2023 Fees - Non-Resident

  • All Town of Sandwich Ocean beaches: $105 (does not include Sandy Neck or freshwater beaches)

2023 Daily & Weekly Rates to be purchased at Bay Beach Gates

  • Daily Rate: $20 (excluding Sandy Neck and freshwater beaches)
  • Weekly Pass: $50 (excluding Sandy Neck and freshwater beaches; can be purchased at the gates)

Ocean Beaches

PLEASE NOTE: Day or weekly passes can be purchased at any of the following bay beach gate houses from 9:00am- 4:00 PM

  • Town Neck Beach/BoardwalkTown Neck Road to Wood Avenue.
  • East Sandwich Beach: Ploughed Neck Road to North Shore Boulevard.
  • First Beach : Corner of Town Neck Road and Freeman Avenue
  • Sandy Neck Beach: This beach is located in the Town of Barnstable.  Route 6A to Sandy Neck Road.  Four-wheel drive permits are available through the Gatehouse at Sandy Neck Beach (508-362-8300) or through the Barnstable Department of Natural Resources (508-790-6272).

Fresh Water Beaches 

PLEASE NOTE: Snake Pond & Wakeby Lake at Ryder RESIDENTS ONLY for 2023 season- resident sticker required. Day or weekly passes can be purchased at the Oak Crest Cove gate house from 9:00-4:00 for access to Peter's Pond.

Accessible Beaches 

Find easily accessed coastal and freshwater beaches in the Town of Sandwich.

Beaches in our town are made more easily accessible with the use of beach mats. We also offer beach wheelchairs for use on the sand or in the water.

The following beaches have a beach mat to get onto the beach.

FIRST BEACH- located at the corner of Town Neck Road and Freeman Avenue

Town Neck Beach- Town Neck to Wood Ave (Beach mat in place to make the beach easier to access however, is not considered "Accessible"- This is not a flat surface and the dune grade is not an accessible grade) 

Snake Pond- located on Snake Pond Road- RESIDENT ONLY 

Wakeby Lake at Ryder Conservation- South Sandwich Road - RESIDENT ONLY

Beach mats are usually placed seasonally from Memorial Day to Labor Day. (Weather and coastal construction, conservation and refurbishment projects and/ or issues considered). 

Please contact the Sandwich Recreation Department at 508-888-4361 if you have questions about beach mat availability.

Beach Wheelchairs 

Please contact the Sandwich Recreation Department at 508-888-4361 in advance to reserve a beach wheelchair. You will need to bring your own Coast Guard certified personal flotation device (PFD) to use a floating beach wheelchair. 

Floating beach wheelchairs let you move across the beach and into the water. They feature a reclined position, a harness for travel across the beach, and floating armrests.

Floating chairs are subject to weather and water conditions for use in the water. You will need to wear a Coast Guard-certified personal flotation device (PFD) while you are floating. You will need to bring your own life jacket or PFD with you. You will also need close assistance and supervision from an able bodied user while you are in the water.

There is no cost to use a beach wheelchair; however a fully refundable deposit of $100 is required along with a completed request of use form. 

Beach Wheelchair Request Form

When picking up a wheelchair please be sure to bring your own transfer help. Because these chairs have large balloon tires, you will also need to bring someone to push you- this does make access to ocean beaches difficult over a dune. It is best to call in advance to make a reservation to use a chair, especially at coastal beaches. Please contact the Sandwich Recreation Department before your visit to ask about a reservation.

Contact Information

Do you have questions about a town beach? Please call the Town’s Recreation Director at 508-888-4361 or email us .

Do you have questions about Scusset Beach State Reservation? Please call the Scusset Beach gate house directly 508-888-0859 or visit their website at

Do you have questions about Sandy Neck Beach? Please call the Sandy Neck gate house directly 508-362-8300 or visit their website at

Do you have a question about your beach sticker?  Please call the Tax Collector’s office at 508-833-8012.

Do you have questions regarding a a group/ event or gathering at one of the town beaches? For more information visit

Do you have a question about a Cook Fire or Beach Fire?  Please call the Sandwich Fire Department at 508-888-0525 Ext 5. For more information visit

Do you have a COVID beach complaint or concern you wish to report to the Town of Sandwich COVID Command Team? Send an email to

Reporting a stranded marine mammal- IFAW MARINE MAMMAL STRANDING HOTLINE 508-743-9548.