Local Comprehensive Plan 


The Sandwich Local Comprehensive Plan will guide growth and conservation policies for the next five to ten years. The LCP defines parameters by which growth should occur and identifies specific actions to shape growth and preserve town character. It defines the communities driving forces; provides a focused community vision for the future and lays out a detailed plan for implementation.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Sandwich Local Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee is to develop a vision and an actionable plan for the future growth, development and direction of Sandwich. The LCP will include all natural, built, and community systems as defined by the Cape Cod Commission. The LCP will consider existing and expected conditions that may change over time, and allow the town to respond to changing needs in a sustainable manner that preserves or enhances town resources. The plan will incorporate public feedback and serve as a decision-making guide and resource for elected officials, committee members, residents, and businesses.

Steering Committee Members

To develop a truly "comprehensive" plan, the Board of Selectmen appointed the LPC made up of citizens with a broad range of backgrounds and interests representing the diversity of Sandwich. Committee members include:

  • Jonathan Finn, Chair 
  • Lisa Hassler, Vice Chair 
  • Nanette Perkins
  • Jonathan Fitch
  • Jeffrey Picard
  • David Darling
  • Roy Anderson 
  1. Ralph Vitacco

    Director of Planning & Economic Development
    Phone: 508-833-8001

  2. Leanne Drake

    Town Planner and Special Projects Administrator
    Phone: 508-833-8001

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