The Parks Department is responsible for the maintenance of town grounds, flower beds, cemeteries and numerous other highly visible public areas that are enjoyed by our residents and visitors.  The Parks crew decorates the Town during the holiday seasons, including hanging lights, streamers and banners in the village and setting up and preparing for special Town events.  The Parks Department also provides assistance setting up and dismantling equipment during elections.

Roadside Maintenance

The Parks Department assists in roadside maintenance, including, pruning, mowing, brushing, etc.

Public Safety

The Parks Department performs a variety of other DPW functions responding to emergency calls regarding public safety, tree and road issues, and any storm related activities including snow and ice removal.

Traffic Island Beautification Program

The Town of Sandwich's annual Traffic Island Beautification Program has locations available for sponsorship.  This public/private partnership has a positive impact on improving the aesthetics of Sandwich roads and provides sponsor exposure.

Special thanks to volunteer Kaethe Maguire for coordinating this program since 2005. Kaethe put a tremendous effort into getting this program up and running and overseeing it's sponsors since its inception. We welcome our new coordinator, Rich Lonstein, who will now manage this program. Please email Rich if you are interested in sponsoring an island.