How can residents using private haulers recycle?

Board of Health regulation requires private haulers to provide curb-side recycling.

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1. What is Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT)?
2. How does PAYT work?
3. When did Sandwich implement the program?
4. Why did the Town implement the PAYT program?
5. Is this a new idea in Massachusetts?
6. How much will bags cost?
7. How much does the permit fee cost?
8. What type of bags do we have to use?
9. Does everyone have to purchase bags?
10. Where can we buy bags?
11. What if I don’t have the proper bag?
12. How many PAYT bags will we be able to dispose of each week?
13. How does the Town minimize illegal dumping?
14. Will there be any charge for recycling?
15. How do I dispose of non-routine items?
16. How can I reduce my trash costs?
17. How can residents using private haulers recycle?